E NEWS 19TH MAY 2023 

By the time you get this I will be in Queenstown at the PCANZ National Assessment weekend.   

We continue to hold in prayer all the families that lost loved ones in the fire at Loafers Lodge in Wellington.  There will be many hospital and shift workers who will have been living there and emergency housing people also.  We also hold in prayer all those who are now homeless and need to find new accommodation.  (I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon so no doubt there will be much more of an update by the time you read this). 

This week my extended family here in Wellington farewelled a dear mother Blanche Meleisea they attended Porirua Pacific Islander’s Presbyterian Church.  My cousin Dame Winnie’s father’s sister, I was also related to her husband on my father’s side.  I was invited to offer the prayers of thanksgiving for her life at the family service on Monday night and then to preach the words of comfort for the family at the funeral service on Wednesday.  It’s my first Samoan funeral here in Wellington thank goodness the family kept it very personal and simple and was not overtaken by all the fa’a Samoa that usually swallows everything up financially.   

As I mentioned in last weeks Enews that I would be preaching from 2 Samuel 13 on the rape of Tamar.  It was interesting that many people did not even know that story was in the bible, and this was the first time they had heard it.  Many responses were that it was brave, and one said that I really nailed it!  I’m relieved the response was positive as you never know how these radical reflections will be received.  Thankyou everyone for bearing with me.  It will be made available on the website for you to read.  

The Glamaphones concert on Saturday night in honour of Dolly Parton was short and sweet, I really enjoyed it and look forward to future concerts that they may hold at SAOTT.  

A small group of us from church went to the Circa Theatre on Sunday afternoon to watch The Coven.  According to Pat Booth it was an interesting take on Macbeth.  I think I must have been the youngest person there as the cast were all in their seventies and probably many of their friends came along to support them.  It was my first time to the Circa, will keep my eye out for new plays, there is a play written by a Samoan playwright mid-June so I might check that out too.  

I think I may have missed mentioning that on the 5th May we had 35 students from Victoria University Religious Studies visit our church.  I gave them a 45 minute lecture on the history of SAOTT and they were really interested in how I came to be minister here and also wanted to know a bit about my life journey.  I think it was a stimulating experience for me and for them as well.  Afterwards Adelina took them on a tour of the complex and we then shared coffee at the back of the church.  Be great if this was a regular thing in the future.   

This Sunday Rev Ross Scott is leading worship in my absence.  Enjoy your weekend and God bless. Fei 

You can read the full E-news here: https://mailchi.mp/f623aa841bf2/this-weeks-newsletter-from-st-andrews-on-the-terrace-9344719

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