Advent 1 Advent Sunday with Communion

We begin the season of Advent, guiding us towards the joyful events of Christmas.  Susan leads the Gathering.  Communion is part of the Gathering and we follow with a community brunch in the Church Hall to which everyone is...

Pentecost 10

Rev Dr Jim Cunningham will lead the Gathering this week as Susan is on leave.

Pentecost 7 – God pictured in the art of the centuries

In a short series of three, Susan led us last week in thinking about how God and the sacred turn up in popular music.  Today we look at how God has been pictured in art over the centuries from Michelangelo on.  Next week we will see how God turns up in the...

Pentecost 6 – God on my playlist

How do today’s singers songwriters present God in their songs and music?  Is God intimate friend or forbidding opponent, or perhaps distant diety?  In today’s Gathering we look at popular music and its spiritual...

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