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St Andrew’s on The Terrace is a lively and active faith community in central Wellington. Our community is committed to acting for a just and peaceful world and being a catalyst for discovery, compassion and celebration in the capital.

St Andrew’s is a place of refreshment for many people – those who come on Sunday or call in during the week for a quiet space in their busy day. In different ways it is a soul space for many.

Our aim

Is to create a lively, open Christian faith community, to identify a spirituality which ‘works’ in the 21st century, to act for a just and peaceful world.

We want to be catalysts for discovery, compassion and celebration in the capital

We aim to be active agents and facilitators of progressive spirituality and social justice.
We aim to look for new understandings of ourselves, the society about us; to update theological meaning for our times and identify the purpose of being people of faith in this century.
We aim to care for all of creation, our neighbours and ourselves; we lament with those who weep and keep vigil with those who wait.
We aim to celebrate our faith, the diverse gifts of our community, our heritage and those times when things go right.
We aim to develop connections with international communities, government endeavour and the civic community.

Our cornerstones

We anchor our activities on

  • Sunday Gatherings for worship: the centre of our community life.
  • Hospitality: we offer hospitality through people-focused activities and buildings with a welcoming ethos.
  • Partnership: we act as bridge-builders with the community, government and academia; we are a meeting place for furthering justice and peace.
  • Progressive theology: we are a community which encourages theological reflection that is intellectually engaging and spiritually nourishing.

Our values

We place high value on

  • Openness: we are inclusive.
  • Exploration: we encourage journeys of discovery, spiritual and otherwise.
  • Justice and peace: we strive for social justice.
  • Integrity of creation: we respect the whole of creation.
  • Stewardship: we nurture and care for our human, spiritual and physical resources.

Join us on Sunday

The St Andrew’s community gathers every Sunday at 10.00am.

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