Another beautiful day in the Capital. I hope everyone is managing to keep warm and that you have managed to avoid the nasty flu bout that I had. I’m working from home today, so far have managed to have supervision on skype and catch up with my younger sister on facetime and now writing E News over the barking of Snoopy as he converses with the neighbour’s dog.

Thank you to our parish for your prayers and good wishes as I recovered from a bad bout of the flu. Thank you for the soup and bread that was delivered by the Cunningham’s and Sandra Kirby. I realise just how precious you all are particularly when I was incapacitated, and I appreciate everyone’s love and care at a time when one can be quite vulnerable. Peanut and Snoopy enjoyed the dog food too (we had run out). I am eternally grateful.

This Sunday we will be celebrating Matariki as a church, our friends from Wadestown Presbyterian Church will be joining us. What are the first fruits of your harvest this Matariki New Year? On Sunday we will be exploring what new hopes, visions and dreams each one of us have for our Church. Our friends from Wadestown will be asked the same question but for their own church. We will each be given a piece of paper shaped as a star and everyone will get the opportunity to write down your thoughts, they will then be collected and we will then share some of these thoughts out loud for the whole church to hear. Are we happy to carry on the way we always have, or would we like to see some change or do things a little bit differently? We are all creatures of habit and sometimes when things change, we struggle with this change but eventually over time it becomes part of the norm, and we realise that we never really minded the change in the first place. This Sunday is your opportunity to have your say, I look forward to everyone’s contributions.

Tomorrow I am attending a special screening of Nga Tohunga Whakatere, the Navigators. A special Matariki day screening to be held at the Space Place which used to be the old Carter observatory. This will be followed by kai and a special international zoom with the waka voyager community and friends. Are you doing anything special to celebrate Matariki as our first public holiday?

Hopefully, this time next week I will have good news to share on the housing front but just in case I jinx anything I will wait until all the conditional offers between selling and buying become unconditional, only a few days to go.

Have a wonderful Matariki and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Fei

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