It has been a busy week!  People preparing services for the Easter season; setting ready to go on holiday, preparing for visitors to arrive, extra shopping, and the last minute rush to find the right Easter Egg!

In the midst of all the rush and bustle – we need to take time to stop and reflect on the meaning of Easter for Us.

Maundy Thursday reminds us of the importance of meals and hospitality – and the special meal that gives us strength and resources to continue to be a community of faith.

Good Friday reminds us that bad things can happen to good people when they challenge vested interest and the power structures.  Jesus offered a new way of living where compassion and love and care and justice were key elements.  The poor and the marganalised were to get special attention.  He became a threat to those who would have to have less wealth if everyone was to have a fair share of the world’s resource.  He paid the price.

Saturday reminds us of these times when we feel helpless and paralised, the times we have been stunned by events of cruelty, brutality and death.  It is often a time when we feel nothing really matters any more.  We ask – what’s the point?

Easter Sunday reminds us that the last word is always with LOVE. When the religious and political world had done its worst it is discovered that it couldn’t destroy love -the love of God seen in Jesus.  That love rises in us and we are renewed and resourced to carry out the work of Jesus.

I hope you will find time to come to some of the services over Easter.  If you are travelling – then travel safely.

Easter Blessing

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