Hello everyone,

The Progressive Christianity Conference last weekend, which many of you attended, was a great success.  The Evaluation forms read pretty happily and we didn’t have too many hiccoughs in the programme.  We were fortunate to get a generous slice of time from The Hon Grant Robertson – Friday is his electorate day.  Several people commented on what a difference it was hearing a Minister of Finance talking about well being.  Powerpoints and scripts will be put up on the website as we receive them.  https://progressivechristianityaotearoa.com.  Thanks again to all who helped.

One idea in the movie Living for Change (shown on Friday night) was a repair café.  People able to repair different types of goods – clothing, electrical appliances, wooden objects etc., set up stalls and people bring their broken, worn out objects.  If anyone has repair skills – let me know.  We could give this a try.  Presumably coffee is also served!

Our marching banner (see above) was delivered and unwrapped at the Gathering last weekend – earning itself a spontaneous round of applause!  We need a handy person to organise two broom handles for poles.  They need hooks in the right spots.  Let me know if you can do this.  We got a generous discount from Antony Maddox at smart@rts since we had given rooms pro bono for a cause he was organising last year.  Thank you Antony, and  thank you to the generous donor who paid the bill!

Remember General Assembly is coming up October 3-7.  We’re accessing the books we will need.  Copies of the proposal we are presenting are available if you want to read it.

I sometimes hear people saying I am too busy for them to contact me.  It is my job to be busy with people – which includes you.  It’s the part of my job I like best!  The most reliable way to make contact is through an initial email asking me to get in touch – I can then come to you or you to me or we can talk on the phone.  Also, after church I am usually in the foyer which is sometimes a quiet place to arrange for a longer talk.  Don’t try BEFORE church – then I AM focused on what’s to come! (smile).

It’s worse for me to find out months later there was something you needed to talk about but didn’t want to bother me. I can’t help with something I do not know about.  (Can’t read minds, you see!)

We contemplate Mountains this Sunday, the 3rd Sunday in Creation season.  Also, Joy Sun will play her harp for us (she’s storing the harp in the south vestry for a few weeks).  The Social Justice Education Group have a visiting speaker from Changemakers after the Gathering – everyone is welcome to come and hear about what it is like a few years after you have arrived in NZ as a refugee.  See you there!


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