Hello everyone,

The culmination of months of planning is happening this weekend with the 2018 Progressive Christianity Conference.  I am grateful to the hardworking committee who debated menus and arrangements, speakers and workshops, parking and bookstalls.  Now, as I write this, there is only one more sleep to go!

We’ve taken a punt on inviting only New Zealand speakers – no big overseas name(s) to draw in the crowds.  That might be why initially registrations were slow, but suddenly they speeded up with the second wave of publicity and we have a full house of over 100 people.

I am sure those of you who have other things on will find out about what happened from those who are there.  If you want to know more, check out the progressive christianity aotearoa website which Bronwyn runs on our behalf. https://progressivechristianityaotearoa.com

A tribute to all those who worked and planned and gave money to make sure the St Andrew’s Centre was built and operating.  This is one of those occasions when we as a church benefit from the variety of rooms and the spaces which work so well for meetings of different sizes and shapes.  Well done you!  We are proud to host people here.

On Sunday about 40 extra people have indicated they might attend church.  That’s why we have asked for extra food for morning tea – we will be serving it in the Hall after the Gathering.  We know you will be your usual hospitable and friendly selves!  We will be celebrating Planet Earth for the second Sunday in Creation month.  Come and join in.

Watch out for the parking fees being charged by the WCC this weekend – a practical example of the continued dying of Christendom – churches are no longer so influential in society that they can sway the City Council for special treatment! Some might think that’s a bad thing, others might think not.

Also remember Tuesday is spirited conversations with Russell Feist perspective on Maori and Pakeha attitudes to land – founds fascinating.  Sign up with Pam Fuller.

And the sun has just come out – it actually must be spring!



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