Hello everyone,

It’s all go here this morning!  Music exams in the Church, a graduation ceremony for MPI in the Hall later this morning…. piano music and singing floating up the stairwell… and more to follow.  Our temp Office Administrator has had a fast promotion to acting Centre Manager as Laetitia is taking a well-deserved weekend away.  Jillene’s dealt well with some unusual happenings already today!

We hosted 33 retired Presbyterian ministe rs yesterday for lunch.  I was very grateful for support from our own retired ministers – the Willkins, Cunninghams, Ken Irwin and Alastair Harray as well as Vivien Chiu who played delightfully and Peter C who set up the techno gear.

Speaking of weekends away, I am flying down tonight to spend some nights with my Dad who needs extra family support at the moment.   I will be back as usual Tuesday morning.  I am sorry that the Exploring Faith study group will be postponed. I will be in touch about an alternate date soon.

I am disappointed too to miss the God and Art Gathering.  The service looks very interesting!  Thank you, Mike and Fiona for curating this event.  Thank you too to those brave enough to reflect for us.

We are assembling candles, contents, gear and people needed for celebrating Advent and Christmas and for staffing Gatherings during January.  It looks like a rich offering, including Polish music on the 17th!  We will publish the programme as soon as the last detail falls into place, so you can plan.  Christmas Eve is a Sunday this year so there are two Gatherings that day – the usual 10am and the later Christmas Eve Carols at 7.30 for 8pm.

What is the meaning of this season behind all the angel, baby, manger and shepherd symbolism?  There are different meanings we can pick up on – some will resonant with us more than others:  Light comes into darkness and spreads the warmth and energy of the Spirit.  The story of virgin birth is a symbol of the way our souls are brought into being, not by ordinary means, but by numinous creation.  Each year, if we are open to it, we can be re-born, as we sing in the carol “You are born in us again”… Each year, if we are open to it, as Joy Cowley puts it, we can become “pregnant with the Holy Spirit.”

I’ll see you next Sunday, December 3 when we will enjoy being led by Pat Booth and her team.  This weekend, enjoy the beauty of holiness through art this Sunday.



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