Talofa lava, special thanks to Ross and Doug for taking the last two Sunday services.  Unfortunately, I’ve been struck with a very nasty flu for the last four days and it doesn’t seem to be relenting.  I do not have covid but it feels much worse than any covid I’ve experienced.  Question is when you live on your own who’s going to tell you that you might need to get checked for pneumonia if it doesn’t go away? Then there’s the question of who’s going to look after Snoopy if I end up in hospital? When you have no immediate family in Wellington their absence is much more noticeable when you’re sick.

I was lying on the couch yesterday watching an old 1925-26 black and white former silent movie called Moana (with sound) filmed in my father’s village in Safune, Savaii Samoa. My dad’s older and only brother was the 11 year old star of the movie.”Pe’a”.  Dad was born 3 years later. The film makers daughter Monica Flaherty returned to Samoa in the late 1970’s to record sound to add to this movie.  She came via NZ and our family were privileged to host her and listen to the stories of the making this film.  Robert wanted to adopt my uncle but as he was my grandparents only son they graciously declined his request.   My uncle Pe’a lived well into his 90’s fit as a fiddle.  I would love to have a screening of this movie one day at church or at my place sometime in the near future after coffee perhaps over lunch.  I did not know it was now available free on You Tube so that was a surprise indeed.  Let me know if you are interested.

At the end of You Tube if you happen to fall asleep and just let it run it will select something random  of a similar genre that it thinks you might like to watch. Its selection was a 1961 black & white period movie called St Bernadette; the song of Bernadette based on the story of our Lady of Lourdes in France. It starred a young Vincent Price. The movie begins with the caption “If you believe in God then no explanation is necessary. If you do not believe in God then any explanation is not possible”. I’ll leave my film interests at that for now.  Just in case you wondered, yes I am a film buff, so if you want to go and watch a festival type movie and want company I’d be happy to join you.

A colleague Dr Bonnie Robinson former CEO of Presbyterian Support has taken on a new role with the Salvation Army.  She will be based part-time in Wellington every fortnight 3 days a week Monday to Wednesday.  She is looking for a room close to Cuba Street basically close to the CBD.  If you have a spare room and would like a little extra money from board then please contact me asap.  She doesn’t need to be catered for.  Thanks.

This Sunday is Refugee Sunday I have put together the OSS and Sue Hirst and the Parish Council will lead the reflection as I continue to get better..

this notice: Social Justice Education Group Sunday 23rd June 12-1pm will host Kate Day from faith-based advocacy group Common Grace to talk about mid-winter energy hardship and what advocacy for change we can all be involved with.

The following month on the 28th of July we are looking forward to hosting former Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt to reflect with us on the state of human rights. More information to follow soon.

A very special Happy 80th Birthday to Pat Booth for this weekend.

Do take care and keep warm.  With you all in love and peace.   Fei

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