I have just finished a zoom with our National Moderator Rev Rose Luxford with colleagues from UCANZ and completely forgot that I had not done my usual Thursday night E News ritual. So here I am writing at Friday midday which is most unusual for me.

It was good to be back at helm on Sunday leading worship and the reflection. Even though my working day has been reduced to 4 hours a day by ACC ministry cannot be confined to 10am to 2pm. It follows me home and wherever I go, so I have been very mindful and careful not to overstretch or overdo my time limit otherwise my recovery will take longer.

I attended the second book launch in Auckland on Tuesday night as I mentioned last E News. It was a quick trip, did the deed and came home on the first plane next morning. Woke at 4am, Uber picked me up 4.30am arrived back in Wellington at 7am drove back to Wainuiomata changed back into my PJ’s and jumped in bed for the next couple of hours. I know many of you will be thinking, now that’s not a good use of your energy Fei. Unfortunately, there are some things which need to be done. In saying that a good Catholic priest friend of mine once told me “Everything is important, but nothing matters”. When you least expect it and an emergency crops up, you will automatically know what really matters as opposed to what’s important.

My reflection title this Sunday is “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. It is in relation to the senseless war going on in the Gaza strip. I’ve had emails sent to me from Jewish sympathizer’s both Jewish and Christian who wanted me to sign a petition naming the anti-semetic racism going on and that it was Hama’s that began the fighting on 7th October by taking hostages and bombing Israel. It is now the 8th of December two months after that one fateful day and Israel’s retaliation/revenge has been inhumane breaching human rights and there are no words to describe the destruction, desolation and innocent people including women and children who have been killed. I am incensed as I am sure many of you are also. So much for this Sunday being Advent 2 representing Peace.

Christmas is fast approaching, we are having a Christmas Eve morning service at 10am on Sunday 24th December, also a Christmas Eve Communion service beginning at 7:30pm with sherry and Christmas cake and a Christmas Day service on Monday at 10am. It has been advertised in the Regional Newspaper and other media. If your family are visiting over this time, please bring them along it will be great to meet them.

We are still considering the option of having a shared Christmas meal at the church for those who will be alone this Christmas. More will be said of this during Life in Community on Sunday.

Well, I feel as if I have done my 4 hours today already but alas, I have one more important thing to this lunch time after which I will pick up Peanut and Snoopy from the Dog Groomers. I will rest afterwards. Have a great weekend, ka kite ano. Fei

You can read the full E-news here: https://mailchi.mp/e89214e347b0/this-weeks-newsletter-from-st-andrews-on-the-terrace-9416248

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