I’m planning my trip to Seoul, Korea at the moment. I found my noise cancelling headphone in the last box that I looked at in the garage; if I had gone left it would have been the first box I looked at but I decided to look right. At least now I know all the contents of the boxes in the garage and was able to empty three of them. I haven’t even left for my 15 hour flight to Auckland then direct to Seoul and yet I already feel jet-lagged and tired in anticipation. I’m excited and looking forward to this international roundtable meeting of women hosted by the World Communion of Reformed Churches and the Council for World Mission. My name full Christian name Feiloaigamatausala literally means the gathering of beautiful women, so we will be doing just that this coming week.

I was privileged to attend Queen Elizabeth II memorial service at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Monday. When I sat down, the people in the pew in front knew me as the minister from St. Andrew’s on the Terrace, as they were at the Founder’s Day service and recognised me. A few minutes later a man sat down to my left and said, “are you Rev. Fei?” and I answered “yes”, he said he was my sister’s colleague and came to my mother’s funeral. So even though I went on my own I was no longer on my own when I got there. It was interesting that there wasn’t a homily to accompany the Gospel reading, only an historical reading from the Prime minister and a memorial note from Dame Cindy Kiro, our Governor General.

The reading for Friday Morning from Praying with the Earth a Prayerbook for Peace by John Philip Newell, the Prayer of Awareness reads:

At the beginning of the day

we seek your countenance among us, O God,

in the countless forms of creation all around us

in the sun’s rising glory

in the face of friend and stranger.

Your Presence within every presence

your Light within all light

your Heart at the heart of this moment.

May the fresh light of morning wash our sight

that we may see our Life

in every life this day.

Be still and aware

I will be writing E News from Seoul next week, so take care and have a blessed week. Fei

Read the full E-news here: https://mailchi.mp/5cc86672aa44/this-weeks-newsletter-from-st-andrews-on-the-terrace-9193699

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