E-news 1st July 2022

Our Sunday Matariki service was a great success. The vision and hopes of our parishioners were shared on the star-shaped pieces of paper. The soup and bread was delicious and the people of Wadestown Presbyterian felt welcomed and included in our service and lunch. Be good for us to do more with Wadestown over time.

It is indeed a sad world when we consider the two major events that have happened recently in the United States, the anti-abortion law and the death of the 46 people that had been trafficked in Texas. On the abortion issue in a nutshell it is a question of women’s rights over their own bodies versus pro-life. I’m not going to debate this as everyone has their own opinion on this sensitive issue but merely point out that more responsibility will now have to be taken to care for the solo mother’s who give birth to unwanted babies who are the result of incest, rape and sexual assault. Over the years my opinion has been challenged and has changed. The world is going backwards very fast, and we are returning to draconian ways of life which is hard to believe in this 21st century that we now live in.

On a happier note, I was delighted to receive an invitation from the World Communion of Reformed Churches and the Council for World Mission to attend an International Women’s Roundtable Ecumenical Conference to be held 4-6th October in Seoul, Korea. At this stage I am a participant but will wait to see if I’m required to speak or lead a workshop or session at this gathering. Very exciting indeed.

Parish Council recently considered who was eligible to assist the Minister in serving communion in response to a query. It was agreed that in future those who can assist the Minister in this important duty in the life of our church are Elders, present and past members of Parish Council and Session (some of whom are Elders) and of course our Honorary Associate Ministers (who can also lead at the Minister’s discretion). 

Never hold your breath when you get a conditional offer on your house because it may never happen. That was the case with my Auckland home this week, which was due to go unconditional on Monday, it fell through. Another buyer came in on the same day and made an offer substantially lower. It’s got to the point where people can just name their price and the vendor really has no choice but to accept otherwise their house will stay on the market for much longer and over time the offers will continue to decrease in value. Watch this space!

I hope you are all managing to keep warm and away from the nasty colds and flu’s and covid that it is rampant in our communities. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Fei

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