Resistance is a normal human response to change – when we feel the tides of change often our first reaction is to hold more tightly to what we know. Sometimes that’s a good thing – people who have been forced to emigrate from their homelands to settle in another country hold on firmly to familiar customs and beliefs. This helps us feel we still have an identity which links us to where we’ve come from.

In many ways this is what the old prayers and hymns the Scottish early settlers continued to use provided: a link to home, something reassuringly familiar.

Yet if that’s all we do, we never adapt. We can see examples of this in some churches – where the mass is said in Latin, or the King James version of the Bible is read, or Christian curricula where evolution is denied.

Change is hard, and often scary. We fear the unknown – as parents we encourage our children from a young age to adapt to change, starting school, sleeping in their own beds, coping with going from one household to another after a separation.

Jim Cunningham is taking the service this coming Sunday, to give Niki a well-earned rest. He’ll be focusing on this theme of adapting – socially, culturally and in particular spiritually. Thank you to Jim for stepping in.

We face challenges currently on at least two fronts: the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to take a look at our global community – highlighting the impact our methods of travel is having on both the planet and on human beings.

Secondly the protests all around the world focused on ‘Black lives matter’ is causing us to rethink our own attitudes to race – and in particular how we unwittingly become part of systems of oppression because we’re at times blind to our own privilege.

Theologians are writing and speaking on these issues, and helping us to rethink our tradition in the light of greater awareness – brought to us by climate scientists and by black and  indigenous voices.

The rainbow room group is soon to begin following the ‘Joyful Path’ curriculum, which is produced by the Centre for Progressive Christianity – looking at themes such as: pluralism, inclusion and integrity of the earth. It is so good to see resources available for all age groups to help us ground our faith in our current context.

One small way we can contribute to preserving the earth’s resources is by being careful about how much paper we use. To that end we will be printing fewer order of service. So, if you are someone (like me) who tends not to refer back to your order of service during the week, please consider not taking one. All the words will be on the screens at the front of the church, for us to follow.

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday –



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