Minister’s musings on my induction:

It was quite an occasion with my former church and family handing me over to St. Andrew’s on the Terrace as their new minister. I was very humbled and honoured to be treated like the guest of honour for the night. To see Pt. Chevalier gift a huge Tapa cloth to SAOTT and for SAOTT to reciprocate with a mirror signifying the important elements of their faith and what is important to them.

I was asked recently, how did you feel having to read the “formula and part of the Westminster Confession and the vows that you had to give? My response was “it is what it is” given that the PCANZ is steeped in tradition and belief, there are certain rituals and traditions that need to be carried out and responded to in order to complete the ritual. If I chose not to fulfil the reading and vows then maybe I would not be inducted. I’ve yet to find anyone who has refused to fulfil these obligations. It reminded me of a conversation that was had at the Theological Hall student’s fellowship in the late 1980’s where the conversation was about the ordination of women. All prospective students were asked whether they were prepared to ordain women. If you answered “no” then your candidature would be put into question. I remember some male students admitted that they had lied into order to be accepted into the ministry. They had no shame in admitting it publicly.

The PCANZ have attempted to adapt the Westminster Confession with the Kupu Whakapono but forgot to find gender-fluid descriptions for God the Father. I wonder how General Assembly would react if this was presented as a new consideration at a future Assembly? For me, I certainly didn’t lie when I read the formula and vows and I realised I was fulfilling an old Presbyterian tradition so it felt like par for the course, I didn’t have a problem with it.

Thank you to SAOTT for make me so welcome and for your special touches to make my induction a personal and wonderful occasion.

(the tapa cloth could be hung up high in the hall, if you are wondering what to do with it)

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