Led By: Jim Cunningham

Welcome to this different kind of Good Friday Service.  You are invited to use the material here in any way that is appropriate for you.  You may want to sit and go through the whole service, reading aloud or silently the readings; pausing to reflect or looking at the paintings.  Or you may want to stretch it out over a period of time during the day – maybe stopping for a cuppa or a walk in the garden.  As you may recognise – this is the service that was used in church last Good Friday – with a few minor changes.

The name at each meditation is the person who created and read the meditation last year.  As you go through the service you may want to pause to remember them.  You might even want to ring some of them or send an e‑mail.  If you have some music that is important to you – play it in the background as you move through the service .

Order of Service Good Friday 10 April 2020

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Good Friday, Order of Service only on Website 10 April 2020

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