December 23, 2018


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The mystery draws nearer to our heart’s core
The timeless cycle of birth beginning a new era
The timeless image of love born in lowly origins
The timeless images of love curling trusting fingers around ours
Who knows when and how this first happened
We only know it is happening now. Deck the halls!

PROCESSIONAL HYMN ‘A donkey walks his burden’
Words: ©2018 Susan Jones Music: Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly

A donkey walks his burden onward
Telling us that Advent’s on the way
Bearing Mary, bearing Jesus,
Under his load, the donkey sways.
We rejoice to see this journey
For it offers hope and joy
We rejoice to hear this story
For it means much more than “It’s a Boy”!

Worldwide, donkeys bear great burdens
Whether in Israel or Haiti
Bearing people, bearing cargo
working all the day on tired feet.
They are transport for the poor
Always being asked for more.
They are key to family business
They are animals worth giving for.

Mary and her stalwart Joseph
Ride the road to Bethlehem
They are trusting in the story
which was shocking news to them.
They are travelling, so we’re told, to
Joseph’s family’s ancient place
They are trusting in the future
What are all the dangers they will face?

When the baby Jesus grew
He taught compassion was the way
He believed we should give water,
feed the hungry, love each day,
Dignity is paramount
For humankind and donkeys too
Every advent, let’s all shout out
To all those who carry burdens new.

Kia ora tatou.
Kia ora.


JESUS PRAYER Jim Cotter paraphrase on card


CAROL COC 34 ‘Open, open, open the stable door’
Words and Music © 1993 Colin Gibson
Open, open, open, the stable door,
welcome, welcome, welcome, the baby's born,
enter, enter, join in the celebration, fear not, here is room for us all.

There's a flock of sheep and a cow and a donkey, welcome, welcome.
Here's a puffing shepherd, three wise men wonky, welcome, welcome. Refrain

What a crowd of folk come to see the baby, welcome, welcome.
One of them is drunk and another's crazy, welcome, welcome.
Can't afford a coat and the kids are crying, welcome, welcome.
Haven't found a friend yet, but I'm still trying, welcome, welcome.

Children, you can return to sit with family or stay at the front of the church and use the activity bags.
We bless you. Amen.

Feel free to pass the peace with those nearby or move to greet others further away. Passing the peace consists of shaking hands and saying “Peace be with you.” The response is “Peace be with you” or just “And with you.” Or, simply saying “Hello” is a good idea. Also feel free to simply observe if you wish!


Hebrew Bible Micah 5: 2-5a

Gospel Luke 1: 39-45

Contemporary reading ‘Virgin Birth’
By Joy Cowley
We have within us a virgin place,
A holy space which belongs to God alone.
We know it by its hunger,
We name it by its need,
The space which will not be touched
By the people we love
Or the things we gather
Or the positions we hold.

We have within us a growing place,
An eternal space that exists for Truth,
Where the love of God overcomes us,
Where the life of God fills us,
The Emmanuel space where we conceive
And become pregnant of the Holy One
And day by day, give birth,
To Christ in the world.

For the Word in scripture,
for the Word among us,
for the Word within us,
we give thanks

REFLECTION ‘Love when you least expect it’ Susan Jones

We recognise and bless the gifts brought to the table, and those which wing
their way electronically from our banks to the church’s account.

CAROL AS OFFERING PRAYER ‘The Light, the Christmas Light’
Words © 2005 Shirley Erena Murray. Music © 2018 Vivien Chiu

1. The light, the Christmas light
is born within the darkness,
a glimmer where the spark is
that Spirit will ignite:
Christ Jesus is this light (sing line 4 times)

2. The door, the stable door
that opens to all people,
the searching and the hopeful
who look and long for more:
Christ Jesus is this door (sing line 4 times)

3. The star, the cosmic star,
the pointer flying solo
that calls the wise to follow
where new horizons are:
Christ Jesus is this star (sing line 4 times)

4. The light has always shone;
the faith we lodge our hope in
will seek a door to open,
a star to light us on
and draw a shining thread (sing line 3 times)
through all the year ahead.

And draw a shining thread
through all the year (sing line twice)
through all the year ahead.
People share notices and visitors are welcomed. If you have a notice, please move to the front row, ready to speak briefly from the lectern.
For the benefit of newcomers, please introduce yourself before you begin.
For your information:
DCM (formerly known as Inner City Ministry and then Downtown Community Ministry) has been working in the city of Wellington since 1969 to “focus on the needs of, and to help empower, those marginalised in the city.” (DCM Constitution) DCM has adopted the byline “together we can end homelessness in Wellington” which reflects our current focus on the needs of one key marginalised group – people experiencing homelessness, or who are at risk of homelessness, supporting them on a journey towards sustainable housing and wellbeing. Over the past decade we have supported literally hundreds of people to successfully exit homelessness and sustain housing.
Sitting in the heart of Wellington at 2 Lukes Lane on the site of Te Aro Pā, the most marginalised people in our city come to us because they genuinely feel welcome and because what we do works and makes a difference in their lives.
DCM is a stable organisation and has a diverse and sustainable funding base, including many Wellingtonians - individual donors, groups and faith communities - as well as the Wellington City Council, the Ministry of Social Development and charitable trusts.
Would you like to purchase a “welcome pack” for a person who is moving from homelessness in to their new home?
At DCM, we call the people we work with taumai, meaning to settle. Supporting taumai to sustain their housing is an important part of the work we do, so we have put together a “welcome pack” of items to help them care for their new whare.
$100 will pay for one pack. If you can help, please donate to our bank account - details below. Use 'Welcome' as a code.
Donate via bank account
By donating directly to our bank account, you can ensure your full donation goes to DCM with no fees. Please enter your phone number in the Particulars section and your name in the Reference section.
DCM Wellington Westpac Courtenay Place Branch 03-0558-0060344-000

CAROL HIOS 6 ‘Always there’s a carol’
Words © 2001 Shirley Erena Murray
Music by Colin Gibson © 2001 Hope Publishing Co.

1. Always there’s a carol
waiting for a voice,
always there’s a candle
waiting for a flame,
always there’s an angel,
telling us ‘Rejoice!’

2. Always when we seek it,
shines the Christmas star,
always God is present
could we only see,
always God enfolds us,
holds us where we are,

So, sing the carol, light the candle, join the angel praise:
Christmas is the day of all days!

3. Always out of darkness,
countering the strife,
always comes the Christ child
leading us to peace:
always there’s a baby,
crying for a life.


We think today of the people of Kuwait and all those working to find solutions to the problems posed by oil production. In New Zealand, we remember those in Parliament, and today we name Andrew Falloon (Rangitata electorate) and Nathan Guy (Otaki electorate). Here in the Central Presbytery, we pray for the leaders and people of Oroua Presbyterian Parish, Fielding.


HYMN WOV 227 ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’
Words: Charles Wesley (1707-88) alt. Music: Felix Mendelssohn(1809-47)
Hark! The herald angels sing
glory to the newborn king,
peace on earth and mercy mild,
God and sinners reconciled.
Joyful, all the nations rise,
join the triumph of the skies;
with the angelic host proclaim,
‘Christ is born in Bethlehem.’
Hark! the herald angels sing, Glory to the newborn king.

Mild he lays his glory by,
born that we no more may die,
born to live as one with earth,
born to give us second birth.
Hail the heaven-born prince of peace!
Hail the son of righteousness!
Light and life to all he brings,
risen with healing in his wings.
Hark! The herald angels sing, Glory to the newborn king.

For those who look for love, but are abused,
For those who have lost family and friends,
For those who live where there is strife or war,
We have lit the candle of love.
We go out now to serve Love in the world


THANK YOU Bruce Cash
Our Musician today
Unless otherwise stated all hymns are used by permission CCLI Licence 341550
Words/music to new hymns and gathering statement, prayers and affirmation are original unless acknowledged. If Susan Jones is the worship leader any liturgy will have been written by her. These words can be used in other worship and small group situations without seeking permission. Please acknowledge the source.


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