February 3, 2019




This week our nation looks at itself and its founding documents;
We gather in this spirit-filled space to give thanks and reflect.
If Jesus’ feet were on this land now,
what would he say to us and all who live here; tangata whenua and tauiwi,
politicians and people, migrants and mothers,
gay and lesbian, bi, queer, trans and cis,
colleagues and customers, students and sellers?
Whatever the words, he would welcome all.

PROCESSIONAL HYMN ‘And did those feet in former times’
Words: Susan Jones © 2000; this version 2014
Tune: Jerusalem CH4 106
And did those feet in former times
walk upon scree and tussock brown
and did the man, Jesus the Christ
cross mountains high and rolling downs?
and did he know the morning mist?
and did he know the harbour’s sheen?
and did he love this cityscape
its terraced streets, the urban scene?

And does he still walk this our land,
talking and laughing with us yet?
And does he know that stab of need
when all our other friends forget?
And is he there when wine is poured?
And is he there when bread’s prepared?
And does he laugh when life’s alright?
And does he weep when it is not?

Be with us Christ, as we step out.
Come with us on our lifelong quest.
Be our true guide, on our right hand,
be with us, walking and at rest.
So we will know life to the full,
be there to see us through the night
For we would be your followers
pursue your Way with all our might

(please remain standing)
Mountains form the backbone of this country
What backbone do we display?
Beaches invite us to play and relax
Do all people have the chance to re-create and re-energise?
People remind us of the infinite variety of humankind
How varied can our responses be?
On mountain or beach, with everyone present, Spirit is found within us
Divine Spirit, shown in Jesus who walks with us here
Enlighten our lives and open our hearts.

Kia ora tatou.
Kia ora.

PRAYER AND JESUS’ PRAYER Jim Cotter paraphrase on card



We enjoy having you here! We wish you well as you begin Rainbow Room for the new year. Have fun as you hear stories and ask questions.
We bless you. Amen.

Feel free to pass the peace with those nearby or move to greet others further away. Passing the peace consists of shaking hands and saying “Peace be with you.” The response is “Peace be with you” or just “And with you.” Or, simply saying ‘Hello” is a good idea. Also feel free to simply observe if you wish!

THE WORD IN TEXTS Margaret Rushbrook

Hebrew Bible Jeremiah 1: 4 -10

Epistle 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13

Gospel Luke 4: 21-30

Contemporary reading The Core of Martin Luther King’s Vision
from ‘Martin Luther King's Solution to Racism’ by Charles Gilmer
Dr. King did not speak in terms of tolerance. His ideal was love. "Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." (Strength to Love, p. 51)
Yet, in current discussions of race relations the word love is seldom mentioned. Dr. King insisted love was the dominant or critical value by which we could overcome racial strife.
The love he spoke of was a biblical love, one that is unconditional, unselfish and seeks the absolute good of another party. That kind of love is a tough love, one that confronts wrong and injustice with the truth -- absolute truth as decreed by an all powerful God and enables the individual to love their enemy.
For the Word in scripture, for the Word among us,
for the Word within us, we give thanks

HYMN AA155 ‘Where Mountains rise to open skies’
Words © 1971 Shirley Erena Murray. Music by Vernon Griffiths
Music © 1971 Faber Music Ltd (Admin. By Faber Music Ltd)

Where mountains rise to open skies
Your name, O God, is echoed far,
from island beach to kauri’s reach
in water’s light, in lake and star.

Your people’s heart, your people’s part
be in our caring for this land,
for faith to flower, for aroha
to let each other’s mana stand.

From broken word, from conflict stirred
from lack of vision, set us free
to see the line of your design,
to feel creation’s energy.

Your love be known, compassion shown
that every child have equal scope:
in justice done, in trust begun
shall be our heritage and hope

Where mountains rise to open skies
Your way of peace distil the air,
Your spirit bind all humankind
one covenant of life to share!

REFLECTION ‘Love is walking in another’s shoes’ Susan Jones

OFFERING PRAYER (said together)
We bring gifts of food and money, out of duty and out of love.
We pray these gifts will fit the need for which they are given
so love may be known by many more people in our city and our world.
So may it be

We recognise and bless the gifts brought to the table, and those which wing
their way electronically from our banks to the church’s account.

People share notices and visitors are welcomed. If you have a notice, please move to the front row, ready to speak briefly from the lectern.
For the benefit of newcomers, please introduce yourself before you begin.


We think today of the people of Madagascar, Seychelles, Mauritius and the Comoros and the Christian Council of Churches in Madagascar. In New Zealand, we remember those in Parliament, and today we name Matt King (Northland electorate) and Barbara Kuriger (Taranaki-King Country electorate). Here in the Central Presbytery, we pray for the leaders and people of Hawera Presbyterian Church.


St Andrew’s is an open community and all are invited to Christ’s table.
Wherever you are on your faith journey, wherever you have come from and wherever you are going to, whatever you believe, whatever you do not believe, you are welcome to participate in the communion. This is God’s meal for all people.

COMMUNION HYMN AA 27 ‘Come to the Celebration’
Words and Music: © 1992 Marnie Barrell, Arr. Douglas Mews

Come to the celebration, all who are hungry,
the best wine is ready, and the loaves of bread;
here he comes, the bridegroom, to welcome the people,
to share out the food and see that all are fed.

Who is invited to the house of the bridegroom,
to live while the dead are left to bury the dead?
Beggars from the roadside, amazed at the asking,
are called to the table where the feast is spread.

What kind of party is this wedding reception?
The first are the last and yet the last are first.
Royal guests of honour are standing and waiting
until all the servants satisfy their thirst.

When shall we come along to share in the feasting
The day is today the doors are open wide
Endless the rejoicing at this celebration
The Lord is the bridegroom and His Church the bride

Come empty-handed when you come to the table;
the drink flows forever, there is ample food.
Taste the wine of heaven and never be thirsty,
and see, as we break the bread, that God is good!


Communion is served by intinction. You are invited to come to the front of the church and receive the bread, or a gluten-free cracker, taking a piece large enough to dip into the wine (silver cup) or grape juice (pottery cup). Eat the bread dipped in wine or juice.
Or, remain in your seat to be served if mobility is difficult. If you don't wish to receive communion, please remain in your seat – we’re glad you are here with us.

FINAL HYMN AA156 ‘Where the road runs out’
Words & Music: © 1992 Colin Gibson

Where the road runs out and the signposts end,
where we come to the edge of today,
be the God of Abraham for us;
send us out upon our way.

Lord, you were our beginning,
the faith that gave us birth.
We look to you, our ending,
our hope for heaven and earth.

When the coast is left and we journey on
to the rim of the sky and the sea,
be the sailor’s friend, be the dolphin Christ;
lead us on to eternity.
Lord, you were our beginning,

When the clouds are low and the wind is strong,
when tomorrow’s storm draws near,
be the spirit bird hov’ring overhead
who will take away our fear.
Lord, you were our beginning,



POSTLUDE "Tuba Tune"
by C.S. Lang (1891-1971)

THANK YOU Thank you to Peter Franklin
our musician today
Unless otherwise specified all our music is used by permission CCLI Licence 341550
Words/music to new hymns and gathering statement, prayers and affirmation are original unless acknowledged. If Susan Jones is the worship leader any liturgy will have been written by her. These words can be used in other worship and small group situations without seeking permission. Please acknowledge the source.

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