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We gather to ascribe worth to all that is of ultimate concern to us;
Love and Shalom,
community and grace,
the sacred and secular.
We gather so this space, prayed in for so many years, is graced again and again with divine intention and human attention to what is significant;
graced by creativity,
paired with wisdom,
breathed into by Spirit.
We set aside this special time, in this holy place made for now and always.
In this familiar place,
we see the beauty of grace,
we feel the shalom of love

PROCESSIONAL HYMN a twelfth century hymn of praise by St Frances of Assisi
WOV 3 ‘All creatures of our God and King” (alt)
Words public domain, Music 2002 Moon & Musky Music

1 All creatures of our God, let’s sing,
lift up your voice and let it ring
Alleluia, alleluia!
Bright burning sun with golden beam,
soft shining moon with silver gleam,
O sing praise, O sing praise,
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!

2 Swift rushing wind, so wild and strong,
white clouds that sail in heaven along,
O sing praise, alleluia!
New rising dawn in praise rejoice,
you lights of evening find a voice;
O sing praise….

3 Cool flowing water, pure and clear,
make music for the world to hear,
Alleluia, alleluia!
Fierce fire so masterful and bright
giving to us both warmth and light,
O sing praise…

4 Earth ever fertile, day by day
bring forth your blessings on our way,
O sing praise, alleluia!
All fruit and crops that richly grow,
all trees and flowers full glory show;
O sing praise...

Kia ora tatou.
Kia ora.


JESUS PRAYER Jim Cotter paraphrase on card



We send you to the Rainbow Room programme to hear stories, ask questions
and have fun together. We bless you. Amen.

Feel free to pass the peace with those nearby or move to greet others further away. Passing the peace consists of shaking hands and saying “Peace be with you.” The response is “Peace be with you” or just “And with you.” Or, simply saying “Hello” is a good idea. Also feel free to simply observe if you wish!

THE WORD IN TEXTS Maxine Cunningham

Hebrew Bible Exodus 3: 1-14

Gospel Matthew 4: 1-10

Contemporary reading ‘Sacred Ground’
by Joy Cowley in Aotearoa Psalms
We are standing on sacred ground

Let our hearts take off their shoes
and come bare, trembling with awe,
into the Presence which burns too bright
and too close for ordinary vision.
Only a naked heart can see
that all round us, each clump of grass,
every leaf, twig, stone and flower,
is a blazing torch, incandescent
with the one fire that has no name
except “I am”.
And only a naked heart can know
that it too, is a burning bush,
all of us caught in the one fire,
“we are” burning into “I am”
brighter than a galaxy of suns.

Words cannot contain the moment:
but let’s take with us
the feeling of awe and wonder.
Tomorrow’s path might be dark,
difficult and sharp with stones,
but in this sacred place we feel
we may never wear shoes again.

HYMN WOV 382 “O Worship the Lord”
19th century hymn about worship
Words public domain, Music 1996 The Sacred press (Admin by Music Services Inc)

1 O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness,
bow down before him, his glory proclaim;
with gold of obedience and incense of lowliness,
kneel and adore him the Lord is his name.

2 Low at his feet lay your burden of carefulness,
high on his heart he will bear it for you,
comfort your sorrows and answer your prayerfulness,
guiding your steps in the way that is true.

3 Fear not to enter his courts in the slenderness
of the poor wealth you would count as your own;
truth in its beauty and love in its tenderness
these are the offerings to bring to his throne.

4 These, though we bring them in trembling and fearfulness,
God will accept for the name that is dear;
mornings of joy give for evenings of tearfulness,
trust for our trembling and hope for our fear.

5 O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness,
bow down before him, his glory proclaim;
with gold of obedience and incense of lowliness,
kneel and adore him, the Lord is his name.

REFLECTION ‘Spirituality: Communal and Individual’ Susan Jones

HYMN AA 72 ‘In this familiar place’
Words & Music by Colin Gibson
Words & Music: © 1994 Hope Publishing Co.
In this familiar place
I know the mystery of your grace.

For the love that I receive, for the truth that I believe,
I praise and thank you; for this here and now.

In halting song and word
the music of your voice is heard Refrain

Among these friends of mine
I taste the company divine. Refrain

Within this narrow sphere
I learn that you are everywhere. Refrain

We affirm the faith of those who have stood here
singing praise to the divine for almost 140 years.
We affirm the faith of those who have knelt here
praying prayers of petition and praise.
We affirm the faith of those who preached here
reflecting on truths more ancient than time itself.
We follow those people of faith
differently in our time;
seeking to be honest
to developments of time and thought
yet also to be true to our soul’s eternal cry
for peace and wholeness.
In our time and in our way,
we too, in these Gatherings accord worth
to all that is beautiful and lovely and true,
all that is honest and loving and just,
all that is far larger
and wider than our small concerns
yet which also intimately connects
with the yearnings of our hearts.
We, people of today’s faith, we worship too;
calling worthy all that is good and true and
expressing the love that generates in our hearts,
we sing praise.


OFFERING PRAYER (said together)
We offer what we can
to aid work done here which reaches beyond these walls
and to help feed those who need food
We retain what we have
and pray for grace to use that well also, so wherever
this money and food are used, Love is spread abroad in the world
So may it be. Amen

We recognise and bless the gifts brought to the table, and those which wing
their way electronically from our banks to the church’s account.

People share notices and visitors are welcomed. If you have a notice not already in the order of service, please move to the front row, ready to speak briefly from the lectern.
For the benefit of newcomers, please introduce yourself before you begin.


We think today of the people of Rwanda and the Protestant Council of Rwanda. We think of the detainees on Manus and Nauru Islands, yearning that their cases be resolved. In New Zealand, we remember those in Parliament, and today we name Alastair Scott (Wairarapa electorate) and Carmel Sepuloni (Kelston electorate). Here in the Central Presbytery, we pray for the leaders and people of St Andrew's Presbyterian Church , Wanganui.


HYMN FFA 57 ‘Song of faith that sings forever’
Words: © 1999 Shirley Erena Murray
Music: © 1999 Colin Gibson, Hope Publishing Company

Song of faith that sings forever through God's people, ages long,
Word that holds the world together when our hearts take up the song,
always, always, somewhere sounding, though the source we do not see,
counterpoint to all despairing, it is hope that sets the key.

Song of faith in exaltation, rising through the vaults of prayer,
tune of simple celebration offered up in open air,
song in chapel and cathedral, descant to our daily tone,
song from sickbed or in prison, faith must often sing alone.

And when life would overwhelm us, when there seems no song to sing,
hear the constant voice of courage out of fear and suffering:
all who've loved and trusted Jesus, all who lift us to be strong,
endless, endless are the voices of the faith that makes the song.

BLESSING FFS 49 ‘May the God of new beginnings’
Words © 2000 John Murray, Music © 2000 Colin Gibson
Reprinted under One License A-623996. All rights reserved

May the God of new beginnings start with you and me
May the God of continuing story speak through you and me,
May the God of infinite wisdom shine in you and me
May the God of safe homecomings welcome you and me


THANK YOU Bruce Corkill
Our musician today

Unless otherwise specified all our music is used by permission CCLI Licence 341550
Words/music to new hymns and gathering statement, prayers and affirmation are original unless acknowledged. If Susan Jones is the worship leader any liturgy will have been written by her. These words can be used in other worship and small group situations without seeking permission. Please acknowledge the source.
Sunday reflections are usually available on our website.


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