Greetings everyone

Well, here we are again in lockdown (alert level 4) with all its uncertainties and questions.  It is disappointing that it has happened again.  But when you see what is happening in other countries we are so lucky to be living in New Zealand.

I have been wondering what I could say in the e-news this week!

It might be useful to remember we have been here before in March and April last year – and we survived.  What did you do last year that helped you get through lockdown?

If there was anything that helped it might be worth trying again. A walk round the garden and maybe even a bit of weeding!  Or just sitting in the sun, when it appears. Keeping in touch with friends through phone calls and e-mails. Making sure you get some meals and some exercise! I decided to begin to tidy up my study. So I sorted some papers and put books back on the shelves.  I hadn’t gone very far before I found some stuff I had forgotten about.  Soon the tidying had stopped and I was sitting reading! I found old letters, things I had written, books and pamphlets and other things that stimulated my memories.  So I had a wee trip down memory lane.  I also remembered how refreshing that can be.  You might like to try it. I will be saying a bit more about that on our Zoom Service on Sunday morning.  There is more information about that coming up.

Shalom, Jim


Kia ora te Whānau

I hope you are all well and adjusting to life in a bubble again. As Jim indicated, we are going to trial something different for this lockdown. We will have a short service on Zoom on Sunday morning. Here are the details:

St Andrew’s On the Terrace is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: St Andrew’s on Zoom 22 August

Time: Aug 22, 2021 10:00 AM Auckland, Wellington

Join Zoom Meeting

You do not need to download an app to join. Just click on the link and your browser will take you to the meeting. Don’t forget to start your audio and turn on your video. Laetitia will ‘manage’ the call and everyone except Jim will be on mute from 10:15 am when the service will start, giving us all time to arrive and chat a bit. If you can hear an echo, hang up and rejoin the meeting. Also check that you don’t have two devices – like your phone and your computer – connected to the call at the same time as that can cause feedback, making it hard for everyone to hear. My mobile number is 029 279 8120 if you need to contact me on Sunday morning for assistance – I’ll do my best. There will be no Order of Service posted on the website this week.

Even though there is a government announcement pending later today, we cannot conduct services at Levels 3 or 4 and it is hard to imagine that we will return to Level 2 for a couple of weeks or more. When we do, the new thing will be mandatory mask wearing, as well as the usual social distancing, scanning of the QR code or signing in, limited numbers and sanitiser use.

Sadly, the planned preaching for a call and the congregational meeting the following Sunday on 29 August will need to be postponed. Parish Council would like this service to occur when we are at Alert Level 1 again, both because of potential numbers (there is a limit of 100 at Level 2) and because some members may be reluctant to attend at Level 2. We want to be as inclusive as possible of all members and associate members, especially as proxy votes are not permitted.

In other news, life at St Andrew’s on The Terrace continues under lockdown. On Tuesday afternoon our office staff, Laetitia, Jillene and Adelina vacated the office and set up at home as best they could.

Adelina has been in touch with facilities users and is helping them manage their forward bookings. As this was to be Laetitia’s last week, a full handover is proving somewhat challenging. Technically it is Laetitia’s last day today but if we go into Level 3 any time before she can travel to Auckland (her first destination before Melbourne) she says she will give us some more time to try and complete the handover. Thank you Laetitia. Travel safe in due course and know that our love and blessings go with you. See below for a message from Laetitia.

We held a Finance and Facilities meeting on Zoom on Wednesday evening and covered a number of important issues including the Annual Financial Statements and Annual Report, the voting process for calling a minister, the wrap up of the organ restoration project, a range of facilities maintenance issues and handover matters for Adelina.

Arohanui , Lynne


Kia ora

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for making St Andrew’s such a welcoming and supportive place to work. It has been an absolute pleasure running the centre and interacting with the parish over the last 4 and a half years. Thank you also for your incredibly generous gift, which I received this week. I do still plan to head over to Melbourne when I am able, and will send an update when I am settled over there.

Thanks, Laetitia


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