Hi  St Andrew’s,

I had just finished putting the first coat of paint on the kitchen walls when the phone rang and I was reminded that I was doing the e-news this week!  Whoops!

 I don’t mind painting walls – but ceilings are a pain in the neck – literally! Painting brings about change in the room and freshens it up and, especially if you change the colour scheme, gives it a new feel and perspective.

Over the last two Sundays – and again this Sunday – we have been looking at three parables towards the end of Matthew’s Gospel.  The word parable comes from a word that means “to throw alongside” something else to see what the similarities and differences are – what new perspective it gives us about our life and faith journey.

On Sunday we will throw “The Parable of the Last Judgment” alongside some of the things that are happening in our world and see what happens.  In the final analysis do we as a nation or a community or as an individual “come up  to the mark” that Jesus sets for his followers in terms of our care and compassion for others.  What new understanding or perspective might we discover? Why don’t you come along on Sunday morning and think it through with me?

See you then.

Kind Regards


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