This week in the Season of Creation we focus on rivers.  Rivers are a transient state of water.  Water evaporating off the vast oceans of this planet of ours form clouds of water vapour, which in turn condense as rain to flow from catchments forming rivers that wind their way back to the ocean.  This cycle repeats itself as it has for millions of years.

Here near Wellington we have significant rivers with the Hutt, the Manawatu and the Whanganui relatively close by. We are blessed in New Zealand with strong river flows that allow us to generate nearly 70% of our electricity needs through hydro power

However, human and animal population pressures are affecting the water cycle.  As we change the world’s climate we are changing the rainfall patterns.  Areas that were previously dry are now experiencing extreme rainfall and regions that previously had plenty of rain are now experiencing droughts.

We must look at what part we can play in order to really value our fresh water resource.

And as they ask at those quiz nights; ‘Which one is the odd one out’?






Find out on Sunday!

Andrew Matthews

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