Kia ora te Whānau

This week;s Gospel reading is the story of the meeting between Jesus and the Canaanite Woman. 
It is an interesting story with a “them and us” feel in it.
Jesus says he came for the children of the House of Israel ONLY.
The woman challenges Jesus exclusivity and he changes his mind!

There is a “them and us” attitude abroad in our world today.  It is an attitude that one group, party, individual is “better” than another.

We need to see that diversity and difference do not make any of us less human.

Jesus changed his mind – Do we?


Jim Cunningham

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Being at level 2 again

At level 2 we can hold church services so unless the government makes a new decision later today we will hold our regular church service on Sunday 16 August.

If there is a change to the COVID-19 emergency levels we will send an email to our mailing list tomorrow, Saturday. At level 3 we will not be able to gather on Sunday.

At level 2 there are restrictions about social distancing, the size of the gathering (up to 100 people) and there is a need to physically sign the register or sign in with the QR code.

We have again placed at the rows of chairs at 1 metre distance. The width of two chairs equals 1 metre so please take the appropriate space on the rows. Family groups can sit together.

We will sing softly.

Please pass the peace without shaking hands – namaste hands, head bow, elbow or ankle bump, hand on heart – whatever works for you.

Please sign in – and use the hand sanitiser on the table first if you are using the pen.  If you have a smart phone, and you haven’t so, it is easy to down load the tracer app.  We will ask at morning tea if anyone needs help with that.

Morning tea will be in the hall, using tables, and seating at 1 metre apart. One server per table – we want to avoid mingling.

Finally wear a mask if you have one (difficult for singing I know, but you can hum).

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