Hello everyone,

It is a transitional time.  Wellington is doing its usual stutter into Spring – blowing cold one day and warm the next.  Also, we are in the midst of making our farewells.  Thank you to the cluster group hosts who have fitted another event in, giving us time to talk face to face with a number of people.  Kind things have been said and we appreciate them very much.

Though I am NOT terminally ill, somehow this feels a little like having an end put in place a little like that circumstance.  We are working towards an ending which is coming sooner than we might have thought.  Such endings are never convenient.  I can see this one is not convenient for a number of people.  Various people are picking up tasks they could well have done without.  I am sorry this puts more pressure on people.  Looking ahead, I couldn’t see a better time; no time is a good time.

While I have made the choice of when to retire, there are many things from which I do not want to retire.  I do not want to retire from thinking theologically.  I do not want to retire from helping people grow spiritually if they want me to help them.  I do not want to stop writing poetry, hymns, and reflective material just because there isn’t an official e-news or Sunday reflection to create.  I also, (though I am an introvert at heart), don’t want to become a recluse or hermit.  I also basically don’t want to leave the unique and special congregation which forms the community at St Andrew’s!

There is still important work to do in the weeks remaining for you and for me.  If there is anything that you need to know just ask.  I have probably been through this process more often than most of you.  I’ve also been an interim moderator and convenor of several settlement boards in different types of parishes.  Each is different but the basic process is the same.  Don’t be afraid to ask.

I’m working in these weeks to make sure people know what will be happening in their area of work and responsibility.  I’ve already had good questions pointing up what people need to know.

One task to be completed is continuing experimentation and preparation for a group of people to feel comfortable with the new AV system. We have had two powerpoint workshops which went well A group of most able scholars turned up and we had a good and informative time.  Please note this Sunday the experimentation continues.  The hymns will be written on the screens but not in the order of service.  A leaflet with all the hymns will be available at the door as you come in.  Make sure you get a copy if you want/need one.  We’re printing 25 of these hymn leaflets, but can print more in the morning if more are needed.  If this system works, it might save a whole sheet of A4 in each order of service each week.  Sometimes this will be possible, sometimes not.  Feedback is welcome

I hope those of you getting a long weekend away this weekend will have a good relaxing time.  At the Gathering we will be considering what it means to be a progressive church in the light of it being Reformers’ Day.  The social justice education group will follow.  Happy Labour Weekend – might see you there!


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