Hello everyone,

No, it was not Fathers’ Day last Sunday.  For those of you who need to keep the date, it is the second Sunday in September where it has always been.  I think I got swayed by TV advertising and because the ads had been on for more than a few weeks I thought it must finally have arrived!  My apologies to those fathers in the congregation last Sunday who wondered why their children hadn’t been in touch since the minister was talking about fathers at the beginning of the service!

I am bemused by the cross-party cooperation and speedy legislation that is allowing bars to open later for the Rugby World Cup.  What if our other issues could be solved so quickly!  It is not that I necessarily disagree with the legislation – obviously premises do not want to send people home half way through a game.

But what more important things we have which need such consensus and working together!  How about ethical insurance deals?  How about homelessness?  How about climate change?  I know these are more complex issues that changing the time (temporarily) on a liquor control bill but I find the rush to cooperate with this change mindboggling when we do not see it in other more significant areas of our life.

Can you help?  I have a friend beginning a T shirt printing business.  For the start up business course she is doing at the moment, she needs mothers, grandmothers and people 15-35 years to talk to for market research.  She would phone you if you let me know her phone number and a suitable time. Anyone wanting to do this, please email me at minister@standrews.org.nz .  [Disclosure: I invested a little towards getting her started].

The first part of the Audio-visual installation happened today.  You won’t see anything yet when you come to church, but things are on track to better set up and picture!  Also, you will see members of the finance and facilities management group walking around with a smile on their faces because they know the result of the annual accounts for 2018/2019.  More will be revealed after the Parish Council meeting.

Note the replacement meetings of “The Pastor and the Imman” detailed below in the notices.

This Sunday we consider our Pillar which highlights ‘Spirit and the Arts’.  Will you be expected to dance and sing and make art or be dramatic?  Come and see!  The Social Justice Education group is cancelled for this week as their speaker is suddenly not available.

See you Sunday!


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