Hello everyone,

Recently the organising secretary for a PCANZ church committee on which I serve stated that the national church’s policy was to conduct its business in as paper-free way as possible.  This meant using email and expecting participants to read things on line and on electronic devices in meetings.

I also note in today’s newspaper, advocacy of ways to ‘save’ the environment like permanent water bottles which do not get thrown away and ‘go cups’ for takeaway coffee rather than glazed cardboard cups with plastic lids.  You may not be of the generation who needs to have a water bottle with them at all times or who uses takeaway coffee a lot, but the principles apply to other items we use on a daily basis.

Responsible bodies such as Government and local councils are treating climate change as an emergency.  This suggests we might need to step up our refusal to add rubbish to the planet’s already overload of waste.  As I look at my life and buying patterns, part of the problem is the number of plastic-wrapped items I am offered for sale.  It may keep food hygienically safe, but the wrappings clog landfills.

This isn’t where I tell you what to do, but issue an invitation to pay particular attention to your day. Notice how much paper, plastic and rubbish is generated by your living on this planet.  Only you will know what you can do to change.  Some will be already doing as much as you can.  At St Andrew’s we provide bins so recycling can be sorted, we use eco-friendly dishwash liquid and are considering other ways to reduce rubbish.  The Centre generates quite a lot of waste.  We need to keep thinking about this all the time.  Leftover food from groups’ catering is collected each weekday for the Freestore which operates on St Peter’s grounds each evening.  Sundays, we try to keep the orders of service to the right number, but attendances fluctuate widely!

All the best with your response to the climate emergency with which we are faced.  We are working on a parish submission for the Zero Carbon Bill. It would be good to know that as we put in that submission this week that the individual households which make up this parish are acting in the direction of zero carbon too.

In other news: Vivien Chiu has resigned as Music Coordinator this week.  In a couple of weeks she will be working full time for Catholic Social Services, adding support of their Refugee Re-settlement programme to her present 4 days of work for them.  This is sad news for us, but an opportunity which excites Vivien.  Our recent Refugee Gathering and especially Mark’s photo essay increased her desire to work in this area.  We wish her well.  Her formal farewell will be organised soon.

I am delighted and thankful that Fiona McDougal is leading the Gathering this week with the title “The limits of believing” based on the life and story of Job.  To follow, people will probably gather at a local café for lunch, keep your eyes and ears open for where.  Go well.


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