Hello everyone,

This Sunday we host Peter Wilson, Richard Lawrence, Stuart Vogel and Robert Reid (not necessarily in that order!).  They’ll launch a new Don Borrie Memorial Fund for promoting communication with North Korea.  Considering the US-DPRK summit this week, this is timely!  We welcome them.  Don Borrie was a Methodist minister remembered particularly for his work with SCM and Corso and was cofounder of the NZ-DPRK Society.  Lyndel Borrie will be with us also – good to see her.

This Sunday is also communion and the March congregational conversation.  One conversational item is the ordination/commissioning ceremony we held last year.  I have some explaining to do in response to questions.  Also, we can talk about the proposed Mission and Ministry Workgroup being developed by Council.  As usual, others will also bring what they want to talk about too.

Lent begins this coming Wednesday with Ash Wednesday March 6.  The ‘Stardust to Stardust‘ Ash Wednesday event is 7pm in conference rooms 1 & 2 with tea/coffee to follow if you want.  Surprisingly it is being held on a Wednesday!  (There is a large concert in the Church, so parking will be at a premium.)

During the week the Stations of the Cross paintings will go up in the church.  These are not universally popular, yet loved by some, so we put them up every second year.  (The art of compromise!).  Also available from Sunday March 3 are Lenten resources for those who want them.  Susan will have them.  You can pick them up from her in exchange for your email address so she can keep in touch with those using them during the 6 weeks of Lent.  If you are wondering about this, read the reflection from February 24:   https://www.standrews.org.nz/sunday-gatherings/sunday-gathering-epiphany-7-24-february-2019/ .

Thank you all so much for the offers and help and goods and money for the Harvest Café on Saturday March 9.  The coffee cart is confirmed.  It should be a good night.  All gear being loaned is needed at church before 12 noon Saturday 9th.  MAKE SURE IT IS NAMED.

On Sunday March 10, the ‘2020 Committee’ begins its work on creating a celebration of St Andrew’s 180th anniversary.  If you have ideas, tell Lois Robertson who is its convenor.

The year must have started!  Just as well Lent will help us draw breath.    See you on Sunday.


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