Hello everyone,

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? Today is my first day back in 2019.  A little cooler than some  days we’ve been having!  The inbox claims one’s attention, and one or two tasks left over from 2018.

But let’s not think about all that just yet!

On this first day in February let’s pause and think of what we might like to be as people when 31 December 2019 rolls around.  In these 11 months, who do we want to become?

What we do, depends on what and who we are.  If we are generous, compassionate people, then we will spread that generosity and compassion around us like an aura.  If we are inward looking and grumpy then we will be black holes, sucking energy from others into a never-ending pit of self-pity.

Kind of similar to a business plan, it’s good to take a minute at the beginning of any period of time – and a new year is one of those – to think through what major shifts we want to achieve.  You could call it making a personal plan.  Once we know why we are here, and who we want to become, then what we do and how we do it will flow from those major decisions.

If I know that here at St Andrew’s we want to be inclusive, and that our goal prior to March therefore is preparing for the Pride Festival Gatherings, our hosting of the Interfaith Spiritual Gathering and the Harvest Rainbow Café on March 9, then my responses to the items in my inbox will prioritise anything to do with our inclusive stance towards the rainbow community.  For that period, other things will take a lower priority.  I will know why I am doing what I am doing so the what and the how follows smoothly.

If I know that being people who devise spiritual practices consistent with a 21st century view of life and church and the divine is vital, then that’s where I will allocate time in 2019.  No one else in our secular world’s going to spend time on that.  If we don’t, no one will.  We have a unique calling for St Andrew’s, Wellington, Aotearoa NZ and the world.  We know that our corporate spiritual practice is eagerly mined through our website from as far away as Canada.  Maybe as we make discoveries about individual progressive spiritual practice, we can resource those same people for their own inner spiritual growth.

2019 is looking more and more interesting!   On Sunday we look at showing love by walking in another’s shoes. It is the first Communion Sunday of the year followed by the congregational conversation.  We will be taking a poll to see if Cuppa and chat wants to meet on Waitangi Day. Rainbow Room begins for the year too.  It’s all go.

See you Sunday,


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