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St Andrew’s has a well-deserved reputation for being concerned and active about social justice.    We’re kept busy being proactive and reactive in social justice issues.  These initiatives frequently come from outside our community.  They also arise from within it as individuals encounter injustice where they live and work and play and tell us about that.

It can therefore get somewhat chaotic as people’s passion expresses itself in calls for action and support!  We don’t always know what someone is going to say as they step up to the lectern during notice time.  They do not always know what might already be being planned.  Coordination seemed to be called for, so we can be more effective.  Never fear, superwoman is here! We are pleased to announce:

“New Social Justice Coordinator position at St Andrew’s on The Terrace

Several months ago, about 20 people within our community were involved in a open discussion.  It revolved around how best to organise ourselves to respond to the variety of social justice issues we care about here at St Andrew’s on The Terrace.  Some issues, like peace and being inclusive of the Rainbow community are long standing commitments.

At our meeting it was thought it would be useful to distinguish between the social justice education group (which meets after church on the third Sunday of the month) and other areas of social justice activity which may require a different approach. In other words, it is a diverse field.

The Sunday group, led by Graham Howell, largely deals in information and education and, since the meeting, is called the Social Justice Education Group.

After a period of deliberation and discussion, it was decided to establish a Coordinator position for St Andrew’s other social justice activities. This person  would ideally sit on Parish Council so there were good communication flows between those who participate in each activity and Parish Council.

We are very pleased to announce that Margaret Rushbrook has agreed to become the Social Justice Coordinator. Margaret has recently been elected to Parish Council.  Our congratulations and thanks to Margaret for picking up this new role, as well as making herself available for Parish Council.

It would be great if, as a consequence of this development, you would contact Margaret if you have ideas on the social justice front or a specific initiative that you wish to lead.  She will then be happy to liaise with Susan and Parish Council as necessary.

Susan and Lynne”

Margaret is of course, NOT superwoman, so let’s use her well, but not abuse her time and energy!  We hope this coordinating role will help us all to be more effective in campaigning for more justice, peace and compassion in the world, all of us as ordinary human beings not supermen or superwomen!

This week we begin a short series on “Being Christian”.  This week we consider “Truth, Talk and Anger” – how do we speak well as Jesus followers?  I’ll see you there, though I’ll need to slip out early as I have a parish review meeting at Johnsonville Uniting Church at 11.15am!    See you there.


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