Hello everyone

This Lent so far… we’ve talked about WHY we might journey.  (worked your “why” out yet?)

We’ve talked about what we would NEED TO PACK for the journey.  (what’s your list?)

This week we’ll consider, WHO’S IN THE WHOLE ADVENTURE – who is accepted on trust.  Last Sunday I spoke about the travelling companions I’d like for good conversation and stimulation.

But often people don’t feel they’re “good enough” or “normal” enough or “diligent enough” for inclusion in the band of … let’s call them ‘pilgrims’.  Though the problem with a word like ‘pilgrim’ is that it can call to mind great saints of the past who seem impossibly good; people we find hard to emulate; single minded, dedicated people – more dedicated than we are.

But that’s because they’ve been ‘written up’ later by an admiring public.  At the time they probably felt just as scared, just as inadequate, and just as fragile as we do.  True courage is shown when people act even though they feel afraid of the outcome.

Sometimes people feel they are not good enough because the church has cruelly and specifically excluded them (and other members of the LGBTQI community.)  We’ll unpack that on Sunday.  How can we be ‘Other’ to each other and yet be ‘One’ as well.  And what DOES Jesus mean about carrying the cross?

This Lent, four different people will offer ‘LENTEN MOMENTS’ at the Gatherings.  Tony Kirby courageously led off the series on Sunday with beautiful insights into how his journey has unfolded.  I appreciated his honesty and vulnerability.  It was a good start, hearing of another’s path.

Walking together is a delicate business.  We need to listen when people want to talk and talk when they need to hear.  CUPPA AND CHAT’s a good place to be heard and to hear others.

The study group EXPLORING FAITH on the 4th Sunday of the month after church is another place for different views.  Some might like the opportunity of an ‘ENCORE SCREENING’ of this group during the week.  If that is you, let me know and we will see if there is enough interest to repeat the exercise during the month on a weekday.  Too, if you missed the group on a Sunday you could catch up at the encore session!  The group this year has chosen to learn more about Islam, studying the DVD series “The Jesus Fatwah: Love your (Muslim) Neighbour as Yourself”  Session 1 on Sunday March 25th.

This Sunday’s Gathering is in the Pride Festival programme.  Make sure you are there to enjoy the bunting, the visitors and the cake as well as reflecting on who is in this whole adventure – who is “Accepted on Trust”?

I will be coming and going this week and next as my Dad’s earth-journey’s coming to an end.  It’s a bit of an exercise being with my family of origin and my church family more or less at the same time but one I want to keep in balance.  See you Sunday!



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