Today Susan brings to an end the Spirituality of Life series – right at the depth of us.  Our Source of Life comes ultimately from accessing the real Self at our core.  It is vitally important in today’s contemporary world that people gain a spiritually satisfying and accessible meaning system.  This needs to be presented in twenty first century language and understandable to contemporary society.  Otherwise despair or inflation will be the experience of too many.  Others will seek out causes for their spiritual energy to power up and inevitably that increase conflict around the world.  Let us go Deep without apology.

2017-05-28 Order of service

2017-05-28 Easter 7 order of service

2017-05-28 Script of reflection

2017-05-28 Easter 7 reflection

2017-05-28 Audio of the whole Service

2017-05-28 Audio of the Readings, Hymn & Reflection only


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