What a week!

  • We celebrated the ‘4’ in STANDING4FAIRNESS last Sunday (May 13) for the Worldwide Fairtrade Challenge. (see pictures above)
  • We attended the Presbytery dinner and heard a new gospel perspective on Crime and Punishment
  • The first Budget in New Zealand delivered by a gay Minister of Finance happened. (Thurs May 17)
  • We will be working at the working bee tomorrow (9am to 12 noon, Sat May 19)
  • And we will celebrate Pentecost by wearing flame colours on Sunday (May 20). And remember, I asked you to learn in a language other than English the words “The Spirit has come!”  You will need that right at the beginning of the Gathering.  Dig out those dictionaries!

It’s a lot in a few days.  When you look at the week, though, it represents the spectrum of St Andrew’s activity in the world – the JUSTICE issue of Fairtrade, the POLITICAL issue of who gets treated equally or not, the SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY of standing up for the bullied and imprisoned ones, THE PRACTICAL CARE OF THESE BUILDINGS and the TWENTYFIRST CENTURY TAKE ON THEOLOGY.  It is all here in this week.

Of course, all these issues only remain issues if we just talk about them.  Raising awareness and our consciousness is good, telling others is excellent, spreading the word is great, but also, we need to act on our principles.  Orthodoxy is right thinking, orthopraxy is right action.  So, in the last month, how many Fairtrade products have you bought? How have you made a member of the rainbow community feel good about themselves?  How have you rethought your theology?  How have you  cared for the church complex?  Just asking!

This email is out early so you can still make it to Tea on The Terrace at 2.30-3.0pm.  Bring money– the cause is worthwhile – Pink Shirt Day Appeal is sponsored by the Mental Health Foundation – they always needs more funding especially to keep young people safe.  See you today or tomorrow or Sunday – or all three days! (smile)      Susan

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