Hello everyone,

The whale’s gone!  The Wild Boar boys are out of the cave.  How sleep deprived is the Prime Minister? England’s out of the World Cup.  Matariki lights up the night sky.  Keep calm and carry on!

What is there to look forward to after the whale and after the fireworks?  Why, the Common Ground 2018 Conference – our very local Progressive Christianity Conference.   Of course!

This national conference held every two years – in 2014 in Auckland, in 2016 in Napier and now it’s come to Wellington in 2018!  Grab it while it is here, right in St Andrew’s.  The first weekend in September, (Friday 7 to Sunday 9th ), we will gather for keynote speakers, including the Minister of Finance, Friday night restaurant visits and a movie.  On Saturday more speakers on the ecological reading of the Bible and the environment; discussions, workshops held both inside and out, followed by the Conference dinner (Pomegranate Kitchen) with customised entertainment by Stu Coats (Here’s a link to one event in which Stu has been involved  – his Saturday performance will be tailored to our conference themes.)  https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/education/90352091/opera-in-schools-tour-kicks-off-to-make-the-artform-accessible-to-children?rm=m

Of course, we will round off the weekend with the quintessential St Andrew’s Sunday Gathering.

This promises to be a stimulating weekend.  We will look at how we can be progressive not only in theology but also practically in our world.  We will think about creation and ecology, paying attention to more than only a financial bottom line, hearing about what well-being is.  Also, how are we progressive when it comes to our world view, to the end of life, in the words and music we sing, in how we read the Bible?  Go to the website to find out more.  AND fill in the registration form now.  https://progressivechristianityaotearoa.com/

This conference is probably one of the most inexpensive you will ever attend.  That does not mean it is cheap and nasty or slight and insignificant. Quite the opposite.  One of the stimulating effects about these conferences is meeting others of a progressive bent from all over.

Do not however, assume you can leave it till the last minute to register!  The planning committee are waiting on full numbers to be revealed to confirm final plans and resourcing.  A number have registered but we know more intend to come – just let us know who you are! You won’t regret it.  It’ll probably be 4-6 years before this conference comes back to Wellington.

This Sunday we contemplate ancient prophets and prophets in our own time.  This Gathering will be highlighted by a solo performance by Jamie Young taken from the oratorio ‘Elijah’ by Mendelssohn. Then associate members and members will gather for a special general meeting of the congregation to hear about fund raising plans for the organ project, to elect parish councillors and to approve the budget for 2018/9.  See you there!



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