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St Andrew’s on The Terrace welcomes the Government apology to homosexual men convicted prior to 1986. 

In its life as a faith community, St Andrew’s welcomes anyone from the rainbow communities.  We enjoy the fact that in our complex of buildings many lgbtqiap+ people are part of the crowd. 

We at St Andrew’s have for many years battled within the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand to achieve equality.  We will continue to press for reforms which match that of the wider society.  Key leaders in this movements in the past have been Rev John Murray and Rev Dr Margaret Mayman.  Our present Minister, Rev Dr Susan Jones, is committed to leading this faith community in inclusive directions.  We continue to challenge the wider church to cease its present discriminatory practice.

We deeply regret and grieve the pain and suffering which gay men, their families and their wider networks suffered as the result of living in a country which ruled homosexual acts were illegal.  Instead, they should have been able to celebrate life and love.  As heterosexual New Zealanders were able to do.  We especially grieve lives lost because of prejudice and discrimination.

We urge the Government to make sure that in future men convicted prior to 1986 are able to access pardons simply and easily so injustice is not perpetuated.

St Andrew’s affirms all people are equally deserving of freedom and dignity.  Who is in any particular relationship is less important than that those relationships are loving, non violent and mutual.  Our understanding of religion, of God and of church is that all are included.

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