October 29, 2017




It has been 500 years down the world
From when reforming words, acts and events had their effect
Their world was changed, so our world is different
How have those 500 years been changed by words spoken then?
How are we living the Reformed faith?
How will we live it in the future?
PROCESSIONAL HYMN ‘Our delight is in the broadness’
Words: ©Susan Jones. Tune: Praise my Soul WOV 68
Our delight is in the broadness
of the world dawn brings to sight;
Harbour, beach and islands’ structure,
plain and hilltop, mountains’ might;
Thanks be giv’n for nature’s beauty,
celebrate each new day’s light.
Our delight is in the living
of each moment every day
working, playing, walking, sleeping,
being family, straight and gay;
Grace be giv’n for every minute,
Wisdom for each interplay.
Our delight is in the creatures
sharing with us this our place,
moths and birds with stunning markings,
dolphins moving with sweet grace;
Thanks be giv’n for all creation,
celebrate each life, each space.
Our delight is in the loving
of each other as we may;
Searching, finding, liking, loving,
talking, list’ning on the way;
Thanks be giv’n for our affections,
Celebrate them night and day.
Kia ora tatou.
Kia ora.
JESUS PRAYER Jim Cotter paraphrase on card
We send you to the Rainbow Room programme to hear stories, ask questions
and have fun together. We bless you. Amen.
Feel free to pass the peace with those nearby or move to greet others further away. Passing the peace
consists of shaking hands and saying “Peace be with you.” The response is “Peace be with you” or just
“And with you.” Or, simply saying “Hello” is a good idea. Also feel free to simply observe if you wish!
THE WORD IN TEXTS Mike Wespel-Rose
The Epistle Ephesians 1:11-23
Gospel Luke 6: 20-31
Contemporary reading ‘Fr. Richard Rohr gets it right … on Emerging Church’
October 24, 2009 by Brian McLaren
Richard says …
It seems to me that the emerging church is emerging because people are
finding the ability to have a grateful foot in both camps—one in the
Tradition (the mother church) along with another foot inside of a support
group that parallels, deepens, broadens, grounds, and personalizes the
traditional message. But you don’t throw out the traditional message, or
you have to keep rebuilding the infrastructure or creating a
superstructure all over again.
The emerging church becomes an accountability system for the Tradition,
which is needed to keep us honest and not just lost in words. This is a new
kind of reformation in which we don’t react, we don’t rebel, we don’t start
from zero again. You can’t start a spiritual reformation by spinning
wheels, particularly not angry wheels. You have to be for something -
totally - or it is not religion.
And so the appropriate questions are: What are you in love with? What do
you believe in? What is the heaven that you have already discovered?
What good thing do you need to share? This is the only work of soul.
Adapted from the CAC webcast, Nov. 8, 2008: “What is The Emerging Church?”
This parallels what I’ve been saying lately about the relation between
movements and institutions. When movement people don’t understand the
value of institutions – and vice versa – everybody is worse off.
Well said, Richard!
For the Word in scripture,
for the Word among us,
for the Word within us,
we give thanks
REFLECTION ‘Reformation Now’ Susan Jones
ORGAN SOLO Ein’ Feste Burg
Music: Melody by Martin Luther (1483-1546)
Harmonised: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Played by Bruce Corkhill
HYMN AA 55 ‘Great and deep the Spirit’s purpose’
Words © Marnie Barrell Music © Colin Gibson
Great and deep the Spirit’s purpose,
hidden now in mystery,
nature bursts with joyful promise,
ripe with what has yet to be.
In a wealth of rich invention,
still the work of art unfolds:
barely have we seen, and faintly,
what God’s great salvation holds.
Great and deep the Spirit’s purpose,
making Jesus seen and heard.
Every age of God’s creation
grasps new meaning from the Word.
Show us, Holy Spirit, show us
your new work begun today:
eyes and ears and hearts are open,
teach us what to do and say.
Great and deep the Spirit’s purpose:
all God’s children brought to birth,
freed from hunger, fear and evil
every corner of the earth,
and a million, million voices
speak with joy the Saviour’s name;
every face reflects his image,
never any two the same.
Great and deep the Spirit’s purpose,
nothing shall be left to chance.
All that lives will be united
in the everlasting dance.
All fulfilled and all perfected,
each uniquely loved and known,
Christ in glory unimagined
once for all receives his own.
AFFIRMATION (we say together)
Seeking to progress in my spiritual walk….
I believe diverse sources of wisdom are available to us;
and that following the Jesus Way
increases awareness of the Sacred, and the Unity of all life
I value community
which includes all types and styles of faith, belief and people;
and questions more than absolute answers;
and value how the corporate search for wisdom and understanding
deepens awareness
I strive, as I am able, for peace and justice among all people;
to protect and restore the integrity of our Earth;
I commit, as I am able,
to a path of life-long learning,
compassion and selfless Love;
knowing the true expression of what I believe
is how I behave towards other people.
OFFERING PRAYER (said together)
We offer thanks for all that we have received as benefit, wages or salary,
as gift or legacy, pension or pocket money.
We bring these gifts as our grateful obligation to,
in return, give generously.
May they achieve the purpose for which they were given.
May we be blessed by the giving and others be blessed by the
May we use well what we have retained for our own use
That all will be used to advance love and peace in this world
So may it be Amen
We recognise and bless the gifts brought to the table, and those which wing
their way electronically from our banks to the church’s account.
People share notices and visitors are welcomed. If you have a notice, please move to the front row, ready
to speak briefly from the lectern.
For the benefit of newcomers, please introduce yourself before you begin.
We think today of the people of the China and the China Christian Council.
In New Zealand we think today of new Cabinet ministers in and outside
Cabinet and their staff as they gear up for government. Here in the
Central Presbytery, we pray for the leaders and people of the Tamatea
Community Church.
HYMN AA156 ‘Where the road runs out’
Words and music: Colin Gibson
Where the road runs out and the signposts end,
where we come to the edge of today,
be the God of Abraham for us,
send us out upon our way.
Lord, you were our beginning,
the faith that gave us birth.
We look to you, our ending,
our hope for heaven and earth.
When the coast is left and we journey on
to the rim of the sky and the sea,
be the sailor’s friend, be the dolphin Christ
lead us in to eternity. (Chorus)
When the clouds are low and the wind is strong,
when tomorrow’s storm draws near,
be the spirit bird hovering overhead
who will take away our fear. (Chorus)
BLESSING from a ‘Prayer for the twenty first century’
By John Marsden, Lothian 1997
May the road be free for the journey
May it lead where it promised it would
May the stars that gave ancient bearing
Be seen,
still be understood.
THANK YOU Bruce Corkill
Our Musician today


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