March 17, 2019


This is the second Sunday of Lent and the second Sunday of the Pride fortnight in Wellington.  Because of the terrorist shooting of 50 people in Christchurch mosques on Friday 15 March, the content of the service changed during the weekend.  The reflection script has both the reflection delivered and the more gay-pride focused reflection which was not delivered today.



Today we meet, shocked, enraged, saddened
that sisters and brothers worshipping together
were gunned down without mercy;
We seek the truth for today
so we can be one company of pilgrims together
in love and trust and solidarity of faith.

PROCESSIONAL HYMN FFS 50 ‘Nothing is lost on the breath of God’
Words and music © 1994 Colin Gibson
Nothing is lost on the breath of God,
nothing is lost for ever;
God's breath is love, and that love will remain,
holding the world for ever.
No feather too light, no hair too fine,
no flower too brief in its glory;
no drop in the ocean, no dust in the air,
but is counted and told in God's story.

Nothing is lost to the eyes of God,
nothing is lost for ever;
God sees with love and that love will remain,
holding the world for ever.
No journey too far, no distance too great,
no valley of darkness too blinding;
no creature too humble, no child too small
for God to be seeking, and finding.

Nothing is lost to the heart of God,
nothing is lost for ever;
God's heart is love, and that love will remain,
holding the world for ever.
No impulse of love, no office of care,
no moment of life in its fulness;
no beginning too late, no ending too soon,
but is gathered and known in God's goodness.

Kia ora tatou.
Kia ora.


LORD’S PRAYER Jim Cotter version on card



We send you to the Rainbow Room programme to hear stories, ask questions and have fun together.
We bless you. Amen.

Feel free to pass the peace with those nearby or move to greet others further away. Passing the peace consists of shaking hands and saying “Peace be with you.” The response is “Peace be with you” or just “And with you.” Or, simply saying ‘Hello” is a good idea. Also feel free to simply observe if you wish!


Hebrew Bible 1 Samuel 20: 12-42
David and Jonathon together defy the king

Gospel Luke 13: 10-17
Jesus adapts ancient rules in favour of people

Contemporary reading David Gushee (2014) cited by Wei Zhu in
‘David Gushee shifts on homosexuality’
I do join your crusade tonight. I will henceforth oppose any form of discrimination against you. I will seek to stand in solidarity with you who have suffered the lash of countless Christian rejections. I will be your ally in every way I know how to be… Traditionalist Christian teaching produces despair in just about every gay or lesbian person who must endure it…It took me two decades of service as a married, straight evangelical Christian minister and ethicist to finally get here. I am truly sorry that it took me so long to come into full solidarity with the Church’s own most oppressed group.

For the Word in scripture,
for the Word among us,
for the Word within us,
we give thanks

HYMN ‘Let us reach down deep inside us’
Words Susan Jones © 2016
Music: FFS 10(i) Gaelic Trad Melody arr John Bell

Let us reach down deep inside us to the place where quiet reigns;
Find the Self who lives inside us knows our joy and knows our pains:
Let our ego stand aside there, shadow sharing space with light.
Let our inner selves rejoice at how Love shines in darkest night.


In the quiet we can face what is in our shadow side
Fears and worries, hates, anxieties, all preventing making friends
of those people quite unlike us; colour, race, or gender too,
orientation, culture; bias lurks in us, in me and you


Sacred calm means minds can settle, hearts grow quiet, souls grow still;
Busy thinking slows its rhythm, gives compassion chance to fill.
Even long-forgotten scars heal as new balm brings a new way;
Every space and every crevice warms as Love arrives to stay.


REFLECTION ‘Bible – reinterpreted: Christchurch 2019’ Susan Jones

OFFERING PRAYER (said together)
Our gifts come with love and gratitude and a sense of duty
We pray they will be effective:
money used well for the continuation of this church’s mission,
food used for those who are homeless.
We pray for the grace to also use well that which we have retained,
so all we have, works for good.
So may it be
We recognise and bless the gifts brought to the table, and those which wing
their way electronically from our banks to the church’s account.

People share notices and visitors are welcomed. If you have a notice not already in the order of service, please move to the front row, ready to speak briefly from the lectern.
For the benefit of newcomers, please introduce yourself before you begin.


We think today of the people of Mozambique and the Council of Churches in Namibia. In New Zealand, we remember those in Parliament, and today we think especially of all MPs associated with Christchurch and Canterbury. We name Tim Macindoe (Hamilton West electorate) and Todd McClay (Rotorua electorate), and especially our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as she leads our country at this time of high alert. Here in the Central Presbytery, we pray for the leaders and people of Bell Block/Lepperton Co-operating Church, Brooklands Co-operating Church, and St James' Presbyterian Church, New Plymouth.


HYMN ‘And did those feet in former times’
Words: © Susan Jones 2000: this version 2014, & 2019
Tune: CH 4 #106 Jerusalem
And did those feet in former times
walk upon scree and tussock brown
and did the man, Jesus the Christ
cross mountains high and rolling downs?
and did he know the morning mist?
and did he know the harbour’s sheen?
and did he love this cityscape
its terraced streets, the urban scene?

And does he still walk this our land,
talking and laughing with us yet?
And does he know that stab of need
when neighbours snub, and worse, attack?
And is he there when wine is poured?
And is he there when bread’s prepared?
And does he smile when Pride runs high?
And does he weep when it does not?

Be with us Christ, as we step out.
Come with us on our lifelong quest.
Be our true guide, on our right hand,
be with us, walking and at rest.
So we will know life to the full,
be there to see us through the night.
For we would be your followers
pursue your Way with all our might.

We have watched and thought and prayed,
We have cried, and yearn for our innocence back.
We go out now into a fractured world;
may we know how to be the glue which pieces us back together,
may we know how best to love and support those who are afraid,
making sure they know
Love surrounds us all every moment of every day


POSTLUDE Fugue in D Major BWV 532
by J.S Bach (1685 -1750)

THANK YOU Peter Franklin
our musician today
Unless otherwise specified all our music is used by permission CCLI Licence 341550
Words/music to new hymns and gathering statement, prayers and affirmation are original unless acknowledged. If Susan Jones is the worship leader any such liturgy will have been written by her. These words can be used in other worship and small group situations without seeking permission. Please acknowledge the source.

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