Hello everyone,

A whale in the harbour!  On Thursday I drove through Oriental Parade where a large crowd was watching out to sea, cars parked very creatively, cell phones out and people on vantage points taking photos.

Naming the mammal is the trending conversation.  I have heard “Pete” (Kathryn Ryan) and “Bubbles” and ‘Mata-wrecker’.  Freewelly’s another and ‘Whaley McWhaleface’ (Laetitia Brunell).  A DOC spokeswoman said “She suspected it was a male from its behaviour.”   Don’t know what she means by that sexist statement.  Apparently one ferry had to toot its horn to get the whale to move out of the way – right whales obviously don’t get road/sea code lessons!

It’s a lovely juxtaposition of the wild part of our world and our ‘civilised’ harbour and city.  It’s  interesting a majority of Wellingtonians voted for the whale over a fireworks show – and it looks like the whale has prevailed, no fireworks this weekend.  (The WCC hopes the whale will be visiting Petone or Eastbourne by next weekend so the fireworks can proceed then.)

It’s a hard act to follow!  One change afoot off harbour at St Andrew’s is  our community lunches.  There’s an unhelpful clash between communion prep. and people carrying plates of food through the North Vestry before church on the first Sunday of the month.  So it’s been decided to change the community lunch to the second Sunday of even numbered months.  This means the next community lunches will be on August 12th, October 14th and December 9th.  This also means congregational conversations will now be on Communion Sundays.  Here’s a timetable of after-church activities for the next 3 months – put it on the fridge!

July 8th Social Justice Education Gp,
15th Special General Meeting
22nd Exploring Faith Study Group
29th Free day!

August 5th Congregational Conversation
12th Community Lunch
19th Social Justice Education Group
26th Exploring Faith Study Group

September 2nd Congregational Conversation
9th   Free day
16th Social Justice Education Group
23th Exploring Faith Study Group

Hope that helps!  On Sunday we look at the wisdom literature – so if you feel you need some wisdom, come along!  And if you don’t – come anyway!


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