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Weekly Newsletter for Friday 12th October

Hello everyone Lynne and I are back from the parallel universe which was GA 2018.  We’ll be talking about it on Sunday.  As a prelude, however, let’s background two major items. One was the Church’s response to the End of Life Choice Bill.  This is an emotive subject,...

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Weekly newsletter for Friday 16 September 2018

Hello everyone, The Progressive Christianity Conference last weekend, which many of you attended, was a great success.  The Evaluation forms read pretty happily and we didn’t have too many hiccoughs in the programme.  We were fortunate to get a generous slice of time...

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Gender Identity Night well attended

The Gender Identity Night held at St Andrew's on The Terrace was well attended with over 60 people coming out on a dark wet and wintry evening. Mani Mitchell psychotherapist and Alia, together with Susan Jones (minister at St Andrew's) formed a panel telling their own...

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