Looking within

  Looking within   Every now and then, I start to feel ‘outside of myself’.  It’s a strange feeling.  Almost as if my body was walking among the world, but I am somewhere else. The ‘somewhere else’ isn’t somewhere mystical, it is very much in this world – so I feel as...
Words, words, words

Words, words, words

“words, words, words, I am so sick of words.” Eliza Dolittle, My Fair Lady.   Blogs are tricky things.  We get to throw our opinions into cyberspace.  Depending how busy people are, we may get away with them without comment.  This doesn’t mean other readers don’t have...
Spirituality abroad

Spirituality abroad

I had one of those conversations today which roam far and wide and bring you a perspective which opens your eyes and tips your thinking into a new world view.  It was about waking up. I’d read Anthony de Mello’s call for us to ‘wake up’, that we are in a walking...
Spirituality Blog  Free to Fly

Spirituality Blog Free to Fly

It seems to me we spend a lot of time thinking about doing better or ‘getting saved’ and not so much about what we are saved for or saved to. Marcus Borg emphatically states salvation is not about the afterlife but about this life. In Convictions, written not long...

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